Pre-Application advice for householder extensions can be found in the House Extensions Supplementary Planning Document

House extensions

The new house extensions supplementary planning document, which updates our previous guidelines to take into account more recent policy and legislative changes, appeal decisions and case-law has now been formally adopted.

The supplementary planning document (SPD) sets outs the LPAs standards for new house extensions and ancillary works.  Acceptable applications will be expected to accord with the requirements in the document in the vast majority of instances.  Any decisions made on householder developments from now on will take into account the SPD in the decision making process as this is an adopted policy document. 

The development management service currently carries very high workloads and there has been a significant increase in applications within the last 12 months. Whilst we may have previously sought to negotiate amendments to submitted applications on the majority of unacceptable schemes submitted this is not sustainable and is ultimately resulting in delays.  It is also now unnecessary given the clarity provided with the House Extensions SPD. Therefore applicants should satisfy themselves that their applications accord with the details contained within the adopted House Extensions Supplementary Planning Document as negotiation through the application process will occur infrequently.

The approach outlined is a step towards meaningful change and service enhancement. 

For information, the town centre SPD was also adopted at the same time.

If your application has been refused and you want to submit an alternative proposal we would advise you to look at the officer report which will explain the reasons for our refusal.

We'd also recommend that you refer to the guidance set out in our house extensions supplementary planning document.

Information on what proposals require planning permission can be found on the planning portal website.