Have a look to see what’s planned in your area. Follow the progress of an application or have your say on plans as well as checking planning appeals.

Search and look

You can search by surname, location (e.g. Burtonwood) or planning reference number. You can also look for applications via our weekly lists.

Commenting on applications

We will add your comments to the application within 5 working days, but sometimes it may take longer. We will need your address so we can understand how the application may affect your property. All comments are made public as part of the application and will be in line with data protection laws.

We make decisions in line with our local development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

PLEASE NOTE;  Currently only comments received from 10 October 2022 onwards will be available on the website, however we are working to make all comments submitted available.

Responses to comments

We won’t contact you directly with our response but we will include it in the report along with a decision notice within 5 working days of the decision.

Please put all issues that you want to raise in your comments, even if you are not sure if they are relevant so that they can be assessed. Only comments made in writing will be taken into account in the decision making process

You will be able to view the report on the planning portal.


Contact with applicants/agents

There is a high demand for new applications at the moment, this means there may be delays to your application.

All new mainstream applications, such as:

  • house extensions
  • fences
  • change of use
  • small residential development

will be assigned to the Performance and Allocations Manager once the application has been accepted and after any consultation. We will contact you or your agent to identify a timescale for decision and agree a formal extension of time if needed. The estimated date for a decision will be based on when you applied and the applications before you in the queue. Agreement to a formal extension of time will help us prioritise applications and manage your deadlines. You do not have to agree to extend the timescale and it will not affect how fast your application is dealt with.

If you have an agent we will only discuss the application with them. If you decide to change or remove your agent you need to let us know by emailing development control.


We will only contact you or your agent to ask for an amendment to an application if when it does not meet planning policy and, then only in exceptional circumstances. In these cases we will give you a timescale for submitting an amendment and tell you what the purpose of the amendments is.

If your amendment is not received within the identified timeframe then the decision will be issued on the original submission.  You should ensure that the submitted amendment meets with its required purpose.

All applications should comply with the local plan core strategy and supplementary planning documents which includes detailed advice on house extensions.

If an application is refused then you can:

  • Resubmit an amended application to address concerns. A fee would not be payable for a resubmission within 12 months of a refusal when it is for the same site, with a similar description, made by the same applicant and a fee was paid for the previous application
  • Appeal to the planning inspectorate, who will review the council’s decision

Contacting us

If you have an agent we will only discuss the application with them.  If you decide to change or remove your agent you need to let us know by emailing development control.

Interactive map

To search the interactive map, you should first find the area that you wish to look at by putting the address in the search bar at the top of the page. You should then click on ‘What would you like to do’ in the top left hand corner of the map. You can then chose from various options. ‘Map Features’ lets you identify matters that relate to a specific location or wider area.