In March every year, we send a council tax bill to every household in Warrington for the next financial year. Your bill shows the amount of council tax you need to pay, and when your payments are due.

If you have just moved, you will need to register your new address with us before we can set you up with payments

Set up a Direct Debit 

Pay by card

Further information and other ways to pay

Direct Debit

If you already pay by Direct Debit

If you paid your council tax by direct debit last year, you don’t need to set up a new one unless your bank details have changed. Your payments will be taken automatically, on the dates shown on your bill.  

Set up a new Direct Debit

You will need to set up a new direct debit if:

  • someone has moved in or out of your property and you’ve been given a new council tax account number
  • you’ve changed your bank details
  • you’ve had to cancel your previous direct debit for any reason
  • you’ve previously paid your council tax using a different method

You’ll need to quote your council tax account number.

Direct Debit instalments

You will usually pay in 10 monthly instalments, from April to January.

If you move home part way through the year, your payments will usually be spread out over the remaining months of the financial year.

Or you can pay:

  • in 12 monthly instalments
  • in two six-month instalments
  • in one instalment, paying for the whole year in one go

If you want to choose one of these options you must contact us before 15 April, and we must receive your first payment by the date shown on your bill.

Direct Debit payment dates

You can choose to pay on either the 5th, 10th, 20th or 30th of the month.

Change your bank details

If you already have a direct debit set up and you change your bank details, you’ll need to set up a new direct debit.

Debit or credit card

You can pay by card online or over the phone. You must be using a secure, up-to-date web browser to pay online.

To pay by phone, the minimum payment is £2 and make sure you have your council tax account number.

  • Automated phone line: 0300 456 0530 – this is open 24/7 and calls are charged at your normal rate
Standing order or bank transfer

Standing order

To pay by standing order you need to complete a form at your bank or building society, or use online banking to set up regular payments. 

Our bank account number is 03383385 and our sort code is 01-09-17.

Remember that you will need to:

  • quote your council tax account number
  • allow extra days for the payment to go through your bank’s clearing system
  • change the amount of your standing order if your council tax changes
  • amend your standing order after your final payment, and remember to restart it for the next financial year

Bank transfer

Make sure you quote your council tax account number (the first 9 digits).

Our bank account number is 03383385 and our sort code is 01-09-17. If you need it, the IBAN number is GB28 NWBK 0109 1703 3833 85 and the BIC code is NWBK GB 2L.

Cash, Allpay or PayPoint


You can pay in cash if you take your barcoded bill to the Post Office or PayPoint store.


You can pay at any PayPoint store. You’ll need to take your council tax bill with you so the barcode can be scanned.


Allpay is a swipe card which lets you make payments at PayPoint stores and Post Offices. Please contact us and we can arrange for a card to be sent to you.


Make your cheque payable to 'Warrington Borough Council' and cross A/C payee. 
Write your council tax account number on the back. We can't accept post-dated cheques.

You can:

  • post it to: Benefits and Exchequer Service, East Annexe, Town Hall, Sankey Street, Warrington, WA1 1UH
  • take it to your bank and ask for it to be credited to 01-09-17 03383385
  • You can also pay by cheque at a Post Office, but make your cheque payable to "Post Office Ltd" and cross "A/C Payee". Please take your barcoded bill with you.