We issue parking tickets, or Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), on council car parks and for unlawful parking on double yellow lines and in waiting and loading bays. We also issue tickets for driving in bus lanes.

Appeal your parking ticket

If you want to appeal you have to do it in writing, either by post or email:

Warrington Notice Processing, PO Box 229, Sheffield, S98 1PF

Email: np.warrington@nsl.co.uk 

Other enquiries

please call 01925 442324 and use one of the following options;

  • Auto Payments - option 1
  • General enquiries - option 2

In your written appeal you must tell us:

  • your vehicle registration number (number plate)
  • your PCN reference number - this starts with WI followed by eight numbers
  • the date it was issued
  • why you think it should be cancelled 
  • if someone else was driving
  • if it was a hire car/van
  • any other information you think is relevant 

If you didn’t own the vehicle at the time the ticket was issued:

We need to know

  • the date that you sold or bought the vehicle
  • the name and address of the buyer, seller or driver
  • You’ll also need to include any supporting information or documents, such as hire agreements, proof of purchase, proof of sale, etc.

The appeals process

You must appeal within 28 days, or it may be automatically refused. If you don’t appeal within the discount period you won’t be able to pay the reduced fee if the appeal is refused.

Step 1 – Informal challenge

If, after you write to us, we accept your appeal we’ll cancel the ticket and either email or write to you to let you know.  

If we reject your informal challenge, we’ll let you know and you’ll have a further 14 days to pay the reduced amount (if you originally appealed within 14 days), or the full amount if you appealed after 14 days.

Step 2 – ‘Notice to Owner’ letter

If you don’t pay within 28 days, we’ll send you a Notice to Owner (NtO) letter which gives you another chance to pay the fine.

If you feel you still have grounds to appeal then you can make a formal representation to Warrington Notice Processing, PO Box 229, Sheffield, S98 1PF. You must make this representation within 28 days otherwise we may disregard it.

If we accept your representation, we’ll cancel the ticket and let you know.

If we refuse your representation, we’ll send you a Notice of Rejection letter with a Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) appeal form attached. You can either pay the full charge, or appeal to the TPT, who are an independent organisation and won’t charge you to appeal.

Step 3 – Charge Certificate

If you don’t pay the fine or appeal to the TPT within 28 days we’ll issue a Charge Certificate. This will increase your fine.

You no longer have a right to appeal at this stage.

If you don’t pay the Charge Certificate within 14 days we may register the debt through the county court, and it’s likely that you may have to pay further costs.