Why we close roads

There are many different reasons why we carry out roadworks, or why we need to close a road – and sometimes we can’t give much advance notice. It could be:

  • to fix a problem, like a pothole
  • to let an event take place safely, like Walking Day
  • work scheduled as part of our highway maintenance programme or our highway investment programme
  • work scheduled as part of another transport plan, like bridge maintenance or to build a cycle path, for example
  • to let building or redevelopment work take place, like at Time Square
  • because of an emergency, like a fallen tree or a car crash
  • to let a utility company carry out some work on underground pipes or overhead cables, etc

We have to close roads to keep you, and our workers, safe. There are rules we have to follow, and if there isn’t enough room for a safety zone between workers and traffic then we have to close the road. We always put up diversion signs, and we let the emergency services and bus companies know.  

Street works permits

Utility companies and other ‘statutory undertakers’ have to apply for a permit from us if they need to dig up a road. Contact them directly if you have any questions:

However if you have any major concerns, especially about safety, let us know via Contact Warrington.

We, and the companies above, are all members of the North West HAUC (Highways Authorities and Utility Committee).