School governors are volunteers who support schools and help them to provide the best education they can for children and young people.

Governors come from all walks of life and bring their different skills and life experiences and their different perspectives into their governing teams. There is no need to be an expert but it is important that you:

  • are interested in education and in the welfare of children and young people
  • are able to work as part of a team
  • are comfortable asking questions
  • have time to commit to the role (probably between 5 and 10 hours a month during school term time)

For more information contact the school governance team on

Would you like to become a school governor?

A number of schools in Warrington are looking to appoint governors to their governing boards. School governing boards need skilled people to help them run effectively and a range of skills are needed around the table.  

Whether you’ve spent 20 years as an accountant, manage a home and have caring responsibilities, or are in the early days of your career, your support for a school could be invaluable. Governing boards also need people with problem solving and negotiation skills, as much as specific expertise and experience.  

If you are able to attend two or three meetings per term, are willing to provide input and comittement to the role, and are interested in helping to improve the outcomes for children in our schools, then we would like to hear from you.

To apply to be a governor, please complete the form below and return it to Lisa Adams at


Schools/governing bodies are able to purchase ‘Modern Governor’, an online training package at a discounted rate. If you are interested in purchasing this training please contact Lisa Adams at