Garden Waste Collections

Start 5 March 2024

Missed green bin reports are reviewed after collections start.

Before you contact us to say that we’ve missed your bin, make sure:

  • it was definitely your bin collection day
  • you left your bin out before 6.30am
  • you left your bin in the right place
  • your bin doesn’t have the wrong items in
  • your bin isn’t too heavy
  • the lid on your bin was fully closed
  • there were no bin bags or extra rubbish next to your bin (unless we agreed with you beforehand that we would collect extra bin bags, e.g. because your bin was accidentally missed on a previous collection day)
  • it’s after 6pm on your collection day – please don’t contact us before this, even if you know that we normally come down your road much earlier in the day. Delays or changes to the schedule happen sometimes, we may just be a little later than usual.

Check your bin collection day

Next collections
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Future collections

Report that your bin has been missed

If you’ve checked all of this but you still believe we’ve accidentally forgotten your bin:

What we’ll do after you report it

When you contact us we’ll check for any problems or reasons why your bin couldn’t be emptied - our bin wagons are fitted with a system which our crews use to record any issues when out and about on their rounds.

If it’s the whole street

Sometimes there are problems which stop us from emptying your bins as planned - for example if we can’t get down your road because of a badly parked car.  When this happens, we’ll try to come back later but if we still can’t get down the road, then it will be your next collection day before we can return.

If it’s your black bin

If your black bin has been accidentally missed, we can’t come back to collect it but we can collect three extra bin bags on your next black bin collection day.  We won’t do this automatically, you need to contact us so that we can record this on the system and the bin crews will know to pick up the three extra bags.

If it’s your blue bin

If your blue bin has been accidentally missed, we can’t come back to collect it.  If you want to, you can still report it to us so that we have it recorded on the system – for example it might help to identify and resolve a problem if we can see it’s regularly missed.

You can take any extra recycling to a community recycling centre.

If it’s your green bin

If you have a garden waste subscription and your bin has been accidentally missed, we’ll try to come back and collect it. If you don’t have an active subscription, sign up for garden waste subscription. We can’t give you a refund if your bin is missed.

If it’s a shared bin

If the bin at your block of flats or apartment building hasn’t been emptied, we can’t come back.  The most common reason we can’t empty communal bins is because they are overflowing or have the wrong items in.  When this happens, you’ll need to report this to the company which owns/looks after your building so they can arrange for it to be cleaned up and then we can restart your normal bin collections.

If you have an ‘assisted’ collection

Please let us know if you’re signed up to our service for those who need a little extra help to move their bins in and out - we’ll come back to empty your bin as soon as we can.

If you’re not signed up but you think you might need this, find out more about assisted collections.

If it’s a trade bin

If you’ve got a contract with us to have your business waste collected, call 01925 443322.  If you don’t yet have a contract, get a quote for commercial waste collections.

Damaged or missing bins

If your bin has been damaged, lost or stolen you will need to replace this yourself. You will need to pay a £25 charge for the admin and delivery of the bin.

Order a new bin

Report an issue

If you still wish to report an issue with your bin you can do so here.

Report an issue with my bin

Collection issues

You can report bins not returned following a collection

Report my bin as not returned

6 March 2024