If you struggle to put your bins out to be emptied and don't have a neighbour, family member or friend to help, you can apply for an ‘assisted collection’.

This means you don’t need to worry about putting your black, blue or green bins out to be emptied. Instead, we’ll come on your normal collection day and get your bins from the front, side or back of your home, empty them, and then put them back.  

Who can apply

You can get an assisted collection if:

  • you have a health issue
  • you have a mobility issue
  • you’re elderly
  • there is no one else living with you (age 16+) who can put the bins out.

How to apply for an assisted bin collection

You'll need to tell us:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • why you need an assisted collection

Information we need

You’ll need to show us proof of your disability benefits or tell us your blue badge number.

Proof of disability evidence:

  • PIP Mobility – planning and following a journey / Moving around
  • DWP letter of disability
  • Letter containing GP stamp

If we approve your application, we'll let you know when the service will start.  If we don’t think you need an assisted collection, we'll contact you to explain why.

Your responsibilities

If we have accepted your request for an assisted collection you’ll need to make sure that from 6.30am on your collection day:

  • any gates are unlocked
  • there are no pets loose in your garden or yard
  • your bins are outside your home
  • we can move the bins – for example they’re not blocked in by a closely-parked car