If you’ve seen a household wheelie bin, black, blue or green, which looks like it’s been abandoned or is damaged, let us know and we’ll come and pick it up.

You'll need to tell us:

  • where it is
  • what colour the bin is
  • what condition the bin is in
  • How many there are

If the bin you are telling us about belongs to your property and is damaged, then you will need to order a replacement bin. The old bin is taken away as part of the process

It may be up to twelve weeks before we can come and pick up the bin.

For other rubbish and litter problems

Report an abandoned trade bin

If you see a trade bin which looks like it’s been dumped, check who it belongs to.  If it has the council logo, name or contact details on it call us on 01925 443322.  If it has another company’s name on, contact them instead.

Report an overflowing litter bin

If you see a full litter bin, let us know:

Report litter or dumped rubbish

If you see litter or fly-tipping on public land, let us know:

Please Remember

If the litter or fly-tipped rubbish is on private land, we can’t do anything so please report it to the landowner instead.

6 July 2022