To report flytipping or littering you’ll need to tell us:

  • As much detail as possible about the location of the fly-tipping or littering
  • If you witnessed the rubbish being dumped:
    • The date, day and time of the incident 
    • A description of the people dumping the waste
    • If a vehicle was involved – can you tell us the make, model, colour, registration number etc?
  • If you didn’t witness the fly-tipping, give an approximate date of when the rubbish was dumped, or when you first noticed it
  • A description of what has been dumped, and the quantity
  • Your name and contact details – We may need to contact you for more information to help us to prosecute the fly-tipper.
  • You can upload one photo with your report

If you think the dumped rubbish is hazardous, i.e. asbestos, flammable materials, etc, then please call us so that we can deal with it as soon as possible: 01925 443322.