Fly-tipped pile of rubbish and household items

What is Fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of larger 'rubbish' items - from a single bin bag to a sofa or any other large bulky item.

If you see fly-tipping it’s better to not move it or clear it away yourself but to report it. We don’t want you to put yourself at risk of injury or move any evidence of who dumped the rubbish so we can prosecute them.

Fly-tipping or litter?

Could the rubbish you've seen be littering or an overflowing bin?


Small items such as cigarette butts, crisp packets, tin cans, broken glass, chocolate wrappers, newspapers, fast food cartons etc.

Overflowing bin

This is a bin which is full and rubbish has been left around it. You can report a bin like this to us online.

Taking action against fly-tippers

We can take formal legal action such as prosecutions and fixed penalty notices, where there is evidence to show who was responsible. This evidence could be from a witness, CCTV footage, mobile phone recordings or finding evidence in the waste. Where we cannot take formal action, we consider, verbal and written warnings.

Reporting Fly-tipping

You can report fly-tipping online using your My Warrington account, if you don't have an account, registering is easy.


In an emergency

If you think the dumped rubbish is hazardous, i.e. asbestos, flammable materials, needles, syringes etc.

Call us on 01925 443322 you can call this number 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Do not attempt to move any fly-tipped items as you may put yourself at risk!

Fly-tipping on private land

If the fly-tipping is on private land or land owned by housing associations we are unable to remove it. The owner of the land would need to do this and you should contact them. You can search who owns a piece of land or property by visiting

Fly-tipping on public land

You can report fly-tipping on public land to us online.

When you report it, you'll need to tell us:

  • As much detail as possible about the location of the fly-tipping or littering
  • If you witnessed the rubbish being dumped:
    • the date, day and time of the incident 
    • A description of the people dumping the waste
    • If a vehicle was involved - can you tell us the make, model, colour, registration number etc
  • If you didn't witness the fly-tipping, give an approximate date of when the rubbish was dumped, or when you first noticed it
  • A description of what has been dumped, and the quantity
  • Your name and contact details - We may need to contact you for more information to help us to prosecute the fly-tipper
  • You can upload a photo with your report

Report fly-tipping