We have collected the representations made to the consultation on the Updated Submission Version Local Plan 2021.

You can view them by paging through the list of representations, search by the local plan representation number or by name using the filter. You can also look at the Local Plan documents on our website.


David Hockenhull
Heather Lowndes
Kelly Harris
Peter Brady
Peter James Thomason
Catherine J Fitch (Clerk Moore Parish Council)
Alison Hunt
Paul Davis
Dr M Yates
W Hamilton
Heather Whitty
Jackie M Norris
Kevin King
P Wightman
Chris Moore
Diane Scholes
Barry Poynton
Rose Woodcroft
Rose Woodcroft
Brian Stones
Christine Jones
Mick Garlick
Mathew Maddock
Mark Boyer
Ian Brunt
Sue Pritchard
D Pearson
Dr A J Rimmer
Susan Wilkinson
Julie McCarthy
June Robinson
Ralph Murphy
Sam Baird
IM Burch
Sydney Johnson
Mrs Deborah Obrien
Louise Harding
Emily Hrycan (Historic England)
Keeny Eaton
Eamonn Kavanagh
Ann Dorman
Matthew Barns
Paula Kavanagh
Mohammad Rahman
Sarah Woollam
Richard Coleman
Mark Gilmore